General Questions

  • Select the courses that you want to complete online.
  • Register online and create your username and password. Write this down so you don't forget it.
  • Log in and pay for the courses that you have selected.
  • Start the online course. You can stop anytime in the middle of an online course. Continue until the course is complete.
  • That's all there is to it!

Our online courses can be used with many types of computers and tablets.

  • Windows desktops or laptops.
  • Apple desktops and laptops.
  • Apple iPad.
  • We don't recommend mobile phones, but it's possible.

The success rate for completion of an online real estate course is high. The material is the same type of material that is covered in a classroom environment.

  • Quizzes - can be taken an unlimited number of times.
  • Final Exam - can be taken twice by state law. Additional exam re-takes can be purchased.
  • State law requires a course to be repeated if the final exam is not passed on second attempt.
We have a liberal No Risk 10 Day Free Trial. Refunds will be provided with no questions asked up to 10 days after purchase if no courses have been completed. There are no refunds after 10 days. For the complete details, please refer to the Terms of Service.

Texas does not recognize real estate licenses from other states. Everyone including attorneys must take the Texas required real estate courses before applying for a real estate license. On the bright side, anyone with real estate experience will be able to complete the online courses very quickly.

Upon payment, the courses are valid for 6 months. If a course is not completed within 6 months, courses can be extended for a minimum fee of $49 for 30 days and $89 for 90 days. Completed work will not be lost when a course is extended. Courses cannot be extended past 12 months and work will be lost after 12 months.

The minimum time by Texas law to complete a course is 3 days. We recommend completing a course every 2 weeks. Depending on time commitments, it may take longer . . . maybe 3 to 4 weeks to complete a course. It depends on how much time is available to work on the courses.

The TREC real estate exam is provided in a classroom. To take the exam you must select a test location and schedule your exam. More information can be found at

The login link can be located at the upper right corner on Texas State Online website. You will also have received an email with the login information. If you have difficulty, call for assistance.

General Questions & Administrative Support

Please submit your questions by email for the fastest response.