Proctor Information

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires the final course exam for all of the 30 hour Pre-Licensing courses to be a proctored exam . Students select and arrange for their proctor for the Pre-Licensing and SAE courses. If students do not pass the exam on the first or second attempt, the course must be re-taken.



Proctoring Process

  1. Students will select a proctor. Qualified proctors are disinterested parties. A disinterested party is a person that would not be likely to assist the student. Good examples of disinterested parties are school librarian, teachers, clergy or a local testing center. Poor examples of disinterested parties are relatives, friends and co-workers.

  2. The final course exams are closed book and your course notes cannot be used.

  3. Your proctor must be with you when you are ready to take the final course exam.

  4. When you are ready to begin the course exam, log into your course and click the "Lauch" button.

  5. The first page will be for the proctor to complete. The proctor must enter their name and address and check the "I affirm' button.

  6. Next, the student clicks "Start Exam" and can begin taking the exam.

Tips For Taking a Course Exam

The exam must be taken in one sitting without stopping. Select a time to take the exam free of interruptions. Don't be away from the computer, or the exam will be invalidate.

You will be required to answer identification security questions similar to when taking the courses. The security questions are based on the information submitted during registered and the security question answers must match. Be careful and don't make a careless mistake, because the exam will be invalidated.

  • Be rested
  • Have a quiet area
  • Read questions carefully
  • Schedule uninterrupted time
  • Continue working - avoid a time out
  • Answer security questions carefully
  • Watch for questions that use the word "not"
  • Rule out wrong answers to narrow the choices