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  • The median commission income for Texas Realtors is:

    • $107,600 for realtors working at least 60 hours a week

    • $67,000 for realtors working 40 - 59 hours a week

    • $33,800 for realtors working less than 40 hours a week

    According to the Bureas of Labor Standards,

    • the average earnings of the top 25% was about $95,500

    • the median commissions for real estate agents is $39,140

    • the average earnings of the lowest-paid was approximately $20,700

    There are more benefits. The numbers tell us there is a tremendous potential to make a very good income. Unlike most jobs, your commission income will increase with the increase in the price of houses. Take, for example, minimum wage earners, employees that are not permitted to work full-time hours or employees with limited opportunity for an increase in pay. Employees with these type of jobs can spend years on the job and never get big increases in income.

    About 25% or 1 in 4 real estate agents makes more than $63,300 annually. Of course, these are averages. If you live in a major city or are in a position to sell farmland or ranchland or engage in commercial real estate, the earnings potential for some realtors is well north of $100,000 annually. There are many real estate agents in the large Texas cities that make more than $100,000 annually.

    Another benefit is real estate agents are not "on the clock" and can work their own hours and make their own appointments. Real estate agents can take the children to school, make a trip to Wal-Mart during the day or evening catch an afternoon movie with a friend.