No Risk 10 Day Free Trial

We know it's difficult to evaluate online course providers. That's why we offer a no risk 10 day free trial.

We recommend working on the courses after registration during the 10 day free trial period and completing some of the chapters and quizzes. You can log in and access each of your courses immediately upon registration and purchase. This provides an opportunity to evaluate the courses.

If you are satisfied, just continue working and making progress on your courses. There is no need to notify us.

If you decide to ask for a refund, we only ask a few things. Don't complete any courses, because we don't offer a refund for a completed course. And, submit your request to us in an email using the email address that you registered with before the 10 calendar days have past. That's it!

There are no refunds after the no risk 10 day free trial period.