Comparison of Online and PDF Download Courses

The are many online providers on online real estate courses. Some of the providers offer PDF courses with tempting low prices. These type of courses have PDF files that must be downloaded and printed at home. There may be as many as 500 pages to print and read.

While this may be a good solution for some, there are others who don't understand the differences between an online course and a PDF download course. The online courses have made a significiant investment in preparing courses. In addition, the online courses provide the material in an easy to read and understand format. The online courses can be quickly completed without the use of a book or a sheaf of PDF sheets printed at home.

A PDF download puts the responsibility on the student to read the material and find the correct information. It's much like reading a text book from cover to cover. Not many people want to read a text book from cover to cover.

The online courses come close to simulating a teaching experience in that they summarize and present the important material. There is no need to read an entire text book..