Comparison of Online Courses vs Classroom and PDF Courses

Online courses have made a significiant investment in preparing courses so the material is easily understood by students. The material is provided in an easy to read and understand format. Students can complete online courses in as little as 3 days. Whereas, classroom courses require sitting in the classroom and PDF courses take a lot of reading.

Classroom course

The are many classroom course providers. The classroom environment is like high school. Some people continue to ask questions over and over. The teacher may or may not be effective. The student is required to read a textbook. Not many people want to read a text book from cover to cover. In a classroom a student must sit in a classroom.

PDF courses

A PDF download course puts the responsibility on the student to read the material and find the correct information. The document may be 300 pages. It's much like reading a text book from cover to cover. Not many people want to read a text book from cover to cover.

Online courses

Online courses provide the material in an easy to understand format and make it easy to understand and learn. The courses summarize and present the important material. The first attempt pass rate is high. Online courses can be completed more quickly without being on a classroom schedule.

Student Review

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exams. Thank you all for the support and encouragement. The course materials were rigorous and helpful and the practice exams really helped me get through the final exam.

Thanks Shrav