How Long?

Our courses are designed to present the key material similar to a powerpoint presentation. The courses include drag and drop exercises, scenario based exercises and other technigues to make learning fun. It is NOT like reading chapters in a book.

How Long to Finish a Course?

The pace of the course is determined by how much time can be spent working on the course. We recommend completing a Core Licensing or SAE course in 2 to 4 weeks.

The amount of time to complete a course depends on how much time a student has available to work on them, but they can be completed quickly. The shortest time a course can be completed by Texas Real Estate Commission regulations is 3 days. The courses are measured in hours and many students complete a 30 hour course in approximately one week.

Success tip: Make a study schedule that fits your personal life and stick to it.

How Long Before Courses Expire?

Upon payment, the courses are valid for 6 months. If a course is not completed within 6 months, courses can be extended for a fee of $49 for 30 days or $89 for 90 days.

Completed work will not be lost when a course is extended.

Maximum Course Duration: Courses including the final exam must be completed within 12 months and cannot be extended past 12 months.